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Canada's Premier Online Debate Academy

An innovative and accessible new platform for debate instruction

About Us

Canadian Debate Institute is a completely online debate academy offering programs in both Canadian formats and American formats. Our curated curriculum gives students of all experience levels and ages the skills and experience needed to compete at prestigious tournaments in Canada and the United States. 

Why Us?


Our classes are all 100% online, so you can attend whether you are on the West Coast, the East Coast, or somewhere in between. Our class times are also carefully decided to accommodate all time zones nationwide.


We have developed a carefully curated curriculum that teaches students the analytical skills necessary to compete. We will also equip students with a better understanding of the world with lectures about debate-relevant topics in economics, politics, and social justice.


We ensure that each class has a limited class size so each student can get the personalized attention they need. We also offer private coaching sessions for students who want to hone their skills further with a private coach.

Why Debate?

Debate college statistics

Learning to debate is an essential skill for high school students. Not only does it help them develop critical thinking and public speaking abilities, but it also teaches them to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions. At our debate academy, we provide a supportive environment for students to hone their skills and become confident debaters. Our experienced coaches guide students through the process of researching, organizing, and presenting arguments, preparing them for success in both academic and real-world settings. 

Meet the Team

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